Going abroad? Abandoning your Philly home for the summer?

You have an empty space.

We can fill it. For free. Need a place to live? We do that too. For free.

Pennlets is the only website that specializes in University City listings. We’ve got our target audience down to a science, so we make sure the right people see your listing.

Pennlets is a service provided by The Daily Pennsylvanian, Penn’s independent student news organization. It is a free community service for Penn students seeking a subletter, and for people both inside and outside of the Penn community to find a place to rent for the summer or a semester. Pennlets was created in 2012 by Penn students Phillip Golub, Stephanie Weiner, Jason Rudin and Joe Giancristofaro, handed off and maintained by PennLabs for a year, and has now found a long-term home with the DP.